Monday, April 27, 2009

It's Hip Hop Baby

"It's Hip Hop, Baby!" is a new children's DVD series for ages 2 to 6. These videos educate toddlers and preschoolers with fun child-friendly hip hop music. There are several learning tools to help children of all ages and ethnic backgrounds learn key developmental concepts at an early age.Hip moms and dads can use It's Hip Hop, Baby! to help their children get smarter- faster! Captivating songs encourage the exploration of music, language, sounds and rhythms.This educational DVD series features child-friendly dance routines that help your child develop listening skills and the ability to follow simple directions. Your toddler will experience the joys of learning their ABC's, animals, body parts, and numbers through fun-filled musical performances and interviews with the hip hop kids. Your little ones will also learn simple hip hop dance steps with Miss Dre-- while playing Simon Says with our puppet, Hip Hop Simon.

Winner of iParenting Media Award 2007

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